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Card Payment service of EZtill is designed with the sole goal of customer convenience in mind. A customer can pay his bill via credit card and get the receipt without leaving his seat. This is the most convenient payment mechanism that can be employed in a restaurant. You can examine your billing details at your table before leaving and discuss queries with the waiter.


    • Credit/Debit Card Payment:

      Whether you have a credit or debit card, you can pay your bill through a single swipe. You don’t have to bother getting up from your seat as the waiter will give you the portable credit card machine on your table. Once you swipe the card to make the transaction, its record is automatically stored in the main database.


  • Once the transaction is completed, the POS database prepares a bill receipt. This receipt is printed through a portable printer at the customers’ table so that they can inquire about anything if they want to.

What Makes EZtill’s Card Payment Exceptional?

POS Integration:

The portable credit card machine in the restaurant is integrated with the main POS system. Therefore, the billing details are instantly recorded in the POS database once the transaction is made. You can also review your bill in the main POS system at the reception and match it with the receipt.

Convenient Payment Method:

The card payment mechanism offered by EZtill is as convenient as it gets. You can pay your bill via credit or debit card and get a receipt on your table. It saves you from standing in the long lines for payment and getting the receipt.

Fast Transaction:

You can pay your bill through a single swipe without doing anything else. The receipt of the bill is prepared instantly as the payment mechanism is integrated and automated.

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