Order Placement

EZtill offers an ingenious EPOS system that makes order placement a hassle-free task. The customers can save themselves from the inconvenience of waiting in lines for order placement as they can make use of tableside ordering. In restaurant, a customer can place his/her order from the table and pay the bill then and there.


When a customer places order at a restaurant table, it appears on the EPOS system at the reception. The EPOS system is integrated with a portable printer in kitchen which prints the order. This way the customer does not have to wait long for its food as it starts preparing as soon as the order is placed.


The seamless and convenient payment method of EZtill is a big relief for customers. They can pay their bills while sitting on the table by swiping their credit and debit card on a portable machine. The customer can see the bill being deducted off their card and also gets the receipt at the table.


Whether you are restaurateur or a shopkeeper, you can prepare reports regarding your business details for ensuring transparency in operations. These reports help analyze the business transactions and keep an error-free record.

Kitchen Display

The kitchen display system is one of the most integral features in EZtill’s EPOS. It streamlines and automates the workflow within a restaurant which results in convenience of both customers and staff. There are portable printers in the kitchen that are automated with the main EPOS system. Whenever an order is placed, it is printed in that printer so that the kitchen staff can see it. This saves time and effort as the order starts preparing right away.

Inventory Management

EZtill provides you relief from the problems faced during tedious task of inventory management. You can streamline the operations like product stock updates and alerts. In addition to that, EZtill lets you keep a detailed record of the stock with categorization like name, quantity and price of products. This service is applicable in both restaurants and shops.

Staff Management

As a business owner, you would want to keep an eye on the working of your employees. Whether you are a restaurateur or a shopkeeper, EZtill lets you supervise your staff effectively through their KPIs like attendance, sales, service reviews etc. This will keep your workforce efficient and enhance their productivity.

Cash Payments

NFC Payments

Magnetic Strip Swipe

Card Chip Payments

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