Terms & Conditions

The service agreement of EZtill is a legal binding between us and our clients. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to read the service agreement thoroughly before accepting it. Once you accept the service agreement, you commit to all the clauses mentioned in it. In case of breach of the agreement, EZtill is authorized to take legal action against the party that committed it.

Return Policy:

If you want to return any service or product, you must contact EZtill customer service within a month of the order placement. After examining your request, EZtill will determine whether the refund is possible or not. In case of a refund, logistic charges will be deducted.


EZtill has completely unique products and content as we are strictly against copyright infringement. We hope that others replicate the sanctity of copyrights as well. In case of violation of our copyrights, we are authorized to conduct a legal procedure against the culprit. If any of our clients or partners commits copyright infringement, we will terminate their EZtill account immediately denying them access to all our services.

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